The EvenMe Story

EvenMe! I can be an entrepreneur,

EvenMe! I can get my dream job,

EvenMe! I can study online,

EvenMe! I Can !

Maybe you are going to study, get a job or start a business (be an entrepreneur), but where do you get started? Don’t be stuck on the outside - join EvenMe and get included in a world of benefits and discounts to give your dreams a kick start !

All the advice you need to get on the right track - articles, tips, internships, online courses and much more. Fresh content, best apps and cool stuff keep you productive – EvenMe - upgrade to AWESOME !

You get exclusive content so be sure to join EvenMe . . . a world at your fingertips . . . my ticket to my future ! Its all about the name and how it relates to everyday SA youth who have the potential to be the best version of themselves and to Upgrade to AWESOME!

EvenMe is an online portal and app aimed at inspiring and motivating the youth to be the best version of themselves. It’s a one-stop-shop where YOU can get all the information YOU need, even the info that you are not sure you should be looking for, that has been written by and for the South African youth.

The different levels of engagement are through topics around music, sports, entrepreneurship, business, internships, education, mentorship and social media.

EvenMe Learning is all about e learning. We are constantly growing this section, but currently we are linked to a full and free e-learning portal through Khan University, Microsoft, Fuzu and Alison. There are courses ranging from Art History all the way through to financial management.

EvenMe offers user Journeys which are step by step guides on HOW TO for just about anything you need to know and what to expect when leaving school, studying, finding a job and running your own business.

EvenMe offers a listing of Internships and learnerships in South Africa which is constantly updated as well as links to every possible Career and Job portal that exists in South Africa.

Entrepreneurship is an exciting section with loads more content coming on a monthly basis, but it talks to the entrepreneur and gives updates, courses, tips, inspiration and aspiration to all entrepreneurs and those who want to be entrepreneurs and need some guidance and assistance.

There is a Free Essential section which allows you to get a free email address and Office365 products to enable you to be productive on a day to day basis.

We are your One-Stop-Shop to Upgrade to Awesome !